Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Roomali roti is a thin flat bread. The word rumal means kerchief. Its a nice and thin bread. The bread made from atta and flour. Usually the roomali roti cooked on top of an inverted khadai. But here i used simple frying pan. Use can also use tawa.

Ingredients :

. Flour / maida - 1 cup
. Atta - 1 cup
. Salt
. Water
. Ghee
. Rice flour

Method : 

1. Mix atta, maida and salt. Make a smooth and non sticky dough with enough water.

2. Cover with a kitchen towel and keep aside for 30 minutes.

3. Make small balls from the dough.

4. Roll out 2 balls into a small circle with a chappathi roller.

5. Spread ghee on one of them. And sprinkle some rice flour over ghee.

6. Place the another rolled one over the dusted dough.

7. Roll this into a thin roti.

8. Heat a tawa and place your roti.

9. When bubbles are appear on one side flip over it and cook the other side. Dont over cook.

10. Now seperate it into 2 layers and fold each one into a triangle.

11. Serve hot with any spicy dish.


  1. Thanks 4 sharing...will try...

  2. Mrs Laiju Shaheen31 August 2013 at 05:09

    hai femi
    tried roomali and it came out well! thanx for sharing this recipe! happy cooking :-)


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  4. Looks delicius and so soft. I like very much the step by step presentation.I love these a lot! chowringhee restaurent in satyaniketan