Tuesday, 25 June 2013



So Shall we start to make yummy softy rasmalai.
Usually rasmalai made with milk, lemon juice and sugar. Just pour lemon juice into milk and take the paneer. And rub the paneer until it become a little bit harder and make it like balls. Keep this paneer balls in sugar syrup.

And these dipped balls are used for making rasmalai. But once i tried rasgulla for rasmalai, its become a little bit hard. So next time i used tin rasgullas. Awesome result. It will be so soft and tasty. And very easy to make. 

Make easy rasmalai in only 10 minutes !!!

Ingredients :

.  Rasgulla - 12
.  Milkmaid- 1 tin
.  Milk - 750 ml
.  Cardamom powder - a pinch
.  Saffron - 3 strands 
.  Nuts and badam chopped - 4 tb sp

Method :

1. Carefully squeeze out all the syrup from rasgullas and keep aside.

2. Boil milk and milkmaid.Bring to boil and reduce to medium flame 

3. keep stirring and the milk mixture get starts slightly thickening. Add cardamom powder , chopped nuts and saffron.Mix well.

4. Add rasgullas and let it cook for 3- 4  minutes.

5. Remove from flame& let it cool.Refrigerate and serve chilled.

6. Garnish with chopped badam.

It will be a very special item for parties, birthday celebration, for guests and of course for your children.


  1. Rasagulla in rasmalai..intresting femi !

  2. Simply delicious &easy to prepare

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