Monday, 19 August 2013


'Puttu and kadala'  keralas one of the most famous food combination we know. We are always having puttu with kadala, banana, meet or even just with some sugar. Anyway its a tasty and healthy food. It doesnt contains any oil in it is the most advantage that we can say. Why wont we go out of all these boundaries.
                    Here we are going to try our puttu with some chocolates. Anyone who loves chocolate is going to love this dish also. Its easy and very delicious. Here i used dark chocolate. U can use milk chocolate also. It can served as a sanack  to your kids.

Ingredients :

. Puttu powder - 1 cup
. Chocolate - 15 g ( i used dark chocolate )

Method :

1. Grate the chocolate into small pieces.

2. Take a puttu steamer. First add some chopped chocolate. Then add some puttu powder. Again layer with grated chocolate and puttu powder.

3. Steam until it done.